• Kaitlin McMillan

5 Design Trends We Want More of in 2019

1. Gradients

Or as I like to call them, ombre's and then watch our designer's faces melt off their heads.

Gradients hit 2018 in a big way and we want to see more of them in 2019. The gradual act of blending one color to another can be used as a bold focal point or as a subtle element to enhance your design.

This trend is so attention grabbing and we want to see brands utilize it to stand out in a field of subtlety.

2. Minimalism

There is something powerful about a design that doesn't have to say anything to say everything. Simple fonts, white space, uncomplicated shapes, minimalism says it all. Although in its simplicity, this design approach takes precision while applying - often it can look unfinished or lacking in style if not done correctly. Those who have mastered the "less is more" approach have drawn consumers into brands for years and we hope to see it continue throughout 2019.

3. Serif Fonts

We've seen sans serif fonts gain popularity with the uprise of minimalism but now we're starting to see a trend in serif's making a comeback. Serif adds an element of classic sophistication, think: Vogue, Tiffany & Co, Burberry, McMillan Creative - ya know, the greats etc...but serif can also be used to add warmth and character like these vintage, nostalgic brands:

4. Mid-Century Modern

The Mid-Century Modern aesthetic has been taking the home and furniture world by storm and we predict it will pick up speed in the packaging design world as well. Mid-century modern is known for its ability to take complex concepts and distill them into simple visual forms.

Geometric shapes and muted, earthy color pallets dominate this style. Love me some Gatsby inspired brands.

5. Classic

"Don't call it a comeback". We're seeing a trend in high-end designer labels pumping out campaigns that have a vintage quality to them. The Gucci's and the Prada's are giving a nod to the 50's, 60's and 90's - a time much simpler than now. (Wait, was there even a time before Instagram?) And to that we say, "yes Gucci, yes!" Give us more plucked eyebrows and boy hair. Instead of setting new trends can we all agree to just keep recycling the good ones?

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