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Coffee Talks: Interview With a Seattle Stylist

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

We have some over-the-top exciting news to share and that is the second edition of BARE Magazine is dropping THIS WEEK! We're so excited to present this issue because we really aimed for the guts of our society. For Volume 1 we played it safe. Our goal was to prove that we can do it, and we can do it well, but for Volume 2 we set out to push the envelope. We wanted to highlight the underground culture; to talk about the real, the raw and the vulnerable. Everything we did we did it for a reason. We had a meaning and a message behind every detail, from the color pallets we chose down the person we featured for our cover. Nothing was random.

One detail we chose to focus on was the fashion. Seattle's style is often seen as casual - dictated more by the weather than personal choices. Seattle is overlooked as a major fashion hub but us locals know better.

Here we interview Andrea Arkans the Producer and Stylist that brought this vision to life and helped put Seattle back on the map as more than just a city that falls under overcast skies.

What was the most memorable moment of styling for BARE Magazine?

Probably when I broke a prop mirror on set but ended up creating dope art out of it. For this shot, we wanted to play with mirrors as a deep dive into self reflection; what it means to truly be you, how you can be your hardest critic, the different layers of oneself vs. how others see you. With that said, we had limited mirrors to play with and I of course broke one. Shattered glass went flying EVERYWHERE. An “Oh F***” moment turned into a “F*** Yes” moment. We created this geometric puzzle with the broken glass, and had Doug (our cover model) peering down into his “Broken Reflection.” I couldn’t have worked out any better.

What challenges did you have on set if any?

The main challenge was implementing our big idea from our minds, to a styled small set. The space we were working with was small, and our set needed a lot of depth. We had this idea of working with stop signs, but then had to make sure the flash wouldn’t reflect on the sign in the shot. We had to secure the signs using fishing wire and tape, and angle the signs perfectly. Then we placed Doug in there and realized he’s tall (like duh) and had to angle and move all the signs again. Time was ticking, but we got the shot!

Tell us about working with Doug. What was your approach to styling him?

I really get my inspiration from the individual. Doug has such incredible style as is, and this feature was all about him so I really wanted to highlight that. I met with Doug, asked him questions about these past years, what’s he’s been through, where he is now, what he wants for his future. I asked him questions about his style, what he would or would never wear, then elevated his style by 10 grand because our budget was limitless and I wanted him to feel bossy.

How did you start choosing what looks should be featured in this spread?

Once I got an idea of his style, I started to just walk through stores and see what pieces jumped out at me. I first want to find that item that gives me that ‘hold the phone’ factor, then build around that to create the lewk. I also knew that we were going for different looks that show cased his different “reflections,” so each look was a representation of him. From being in a suit, to just kickin back in sweats.

Let’s talk personal style: what is yours, where do you draw inspiration from?

Ugh, my style is hard to describe. It’s emotional and just whatever attracts me. I really dress the way that I’m feeling that day. Sometimes it’s boho, sometimes swaggy, sometimes hobo chic. I love the 70’s vibe. Regardless, I’m pretty casual, casual chic? My style is relaxed, chill, comfortable (you will never see me in stilettos). My style is just a reflection of my life and I’m not bound to one type of way. Life is about evolving and growing. I’m a bit of gypsy so maybe that’s thrown in there too.

What was your favorite item of this shoot?

The mustard yellow Christian Louboutins with Swarovski crystals. They were just so outrageous - you would never see someone rocking those in Seattle, or those people aren’t really the people I kick it with BUT when I saw them, I was just so intrigued I had to do it. When I put them on Doug, it was game over! It just brought the whole outfit together and it just WORKED on him. With the red bottoms? Whew - I’m done.

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