Cyber Monday Deals for Creatives 2019

By Alejandra Cerball

Friends! Here at McMillan Creative we encourage you to invest in yourself and your brand. Instead of fighting the crowds this year on Black Friday only to buy material items that you'll likely throw away a year from now anyways, stop and think about your future - about the future of our planet and of your business.

So this year, when the holidays kick in and the decorations pop up, when the holiday cheer takes over, and the deals are everywhere, turn a cold shoulder to the cheap deals at your favorite department store and say yes to investing in YOU and YOUR brand instead.

If you’re a photographer, designer, or business owner busy at work defining a voice for your brand, we did the dirty work for you and compiled this list of deals for you to take advantage of. So get ready to scoop up all the lightroom presets and all these font packages to get your branding on point for Q1.

Adobes Best Deal of the Year

Need apps like Photoshop, Illustrator, and Adobe XD for your business? Adobe is offering 40% - 70% off the entire collection of creative apps. Check out the deal here before it ends on Black Friday. This deal works for new & existing customers. If you’re an existing subscriber, use Adobe's chat to ask for the sale price. You may have to try multiple chat people. You may have to cancel your current subscription and create a new one. If that fails, you can always use a new email address to sign up.

Font Packages

MyFonts is offering up to 60% off on select font packages. They’ve got over 130,000 available fonts for you to enhance your brand. Click here for Black Friday & Cyber Monday specials.

Lightroom presets

Save 20% on Lightroom Presets, Profiles, and Video course at Sleeklens during their Black Friday Pre-Sale. Use code PREBLK at checkout.

Search for Lightroom presets on Etsy, and you’ll get more than 250 pages filled with presets inspired by destinations or moods. You could spend hours choosing your favorite. This Travel Blogger Mobile Lightroom Presets collection is offering a Buy 3, Get 1 free holiday special.

Logo Presentations

Need to present a logo to a client? Pitchproof has a “25 Days of Goodies” email campaign set up to deliver design gifts straight to your inbox for 25 days starting on December 1. Sign up here for discounts, exclusive webinars, eBooks, and resources.

While we don’t encourage you to spend what you don’t need, here at McMillan Creative, we love a good deal that will help your business grow. Visit our portfolio to see how we can design a full brand identity for your business.

Alejandra Cerball is a journalist, writer, and travel + lifestyle blogger. She writes stories that empower women in business and articles about travel, fashion, fitness, and technology.


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