From Sci-Fi to Unfiltered Romance; Looking ahead to Women's Trends

With industries like fashion, design, and marketing continually evolving, we're looking ahead to next year, 2021, to see how future trends will impact your business today. While we're still getting used to life in this new century, let's explore the cultural influences, colors, patterns, and words that will be jumping onto the scene.

Explore with us as we dissect Informa X Fashion Snoops' outlook for Fall/Winter 20/21 Women's fashion trends. See the forecast and narrative of Pastoe, Curio Parlor, Terraform, and Gattaca to gain inspiration for your brand.


Cultural Influences

This vibe starts with a ticket to Delft in the Netherlands to wander along canals, churches, mansions, and courtyards. From Dutch Mid-Century to minimalism in Denmark, get inspired by the furniture designs of Hans Olsen, best known for his innovative use of bent laminated wood, and organic curves with great freedom of form.

The visual journey doesn't stop here. LRNCE'S ceramics from Marrakesh perfectly capture Terracotta hues of red, blue, and orange. And finally, Giada runway FW 19/20 completes this vibe with its long layers using brown as a base. Here you'll find geometrics, mixed media, and artistic abstracts encapsulate this trend.


From Cardinal to Kava, the colors in Pastoe incorporate neutral light to dark brown tones that include a deep orange-red. In between, you'll find hints of Serein (green) to Faint and Dip (blues.)

Word Bank

  • Craft

  • Dutch

  • Mid-Century

  • Raw

  • Elements

  • Rural

  • Ceramics

  • Minimalism

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Cultural Influences

Turn to space and exploration for a look at Terraform's style guide. From baggy fit cargo pants to oversized dropped shoulder sweater dresses, the energy here is "protection and survival" and "earthy greens." From the Runway, draw inspiration from Mugler's Fall 19/20 prints and jacquards. Turn to Science, Technology, and Mars to emulate this mood board. Oversized fit, belted waist jumpsuits, and Nylon or Glossy material puffers complete this trend.


Blue, yellow, and pink hues make up Terraform. From Core, a dark brown to Joy, a fuschia like color, Terraform's color story also includes Curry, Deja Vu, and Sublime.

Word Bank:

  • Alternate Planets

  • Humanity

  • Exploration

  • Interstellar

  • Protection + Survival

  • Ecology

Curio Parlor

A cabinet of curiosities, mixed with modern romance, boudoir, and florals - Curio Parlor is romantic, elegant and imperfect. From the Runway, look to Sies Marjan's FW 19/20 - a combination of fluid, silky material, and puff sleeve details. Get inspired by Deyrolle, a famed institution in Paris with a cult following for its taxidermy displays. And Architect and designer Christina Celestino's designs and use of precious materials in collaboration with Sergio Rossi will leave you inspired instantly.


Not quite traditional pastels, yet, romantic, retro, and bespeckled, the color story here ranges from Foam to Faint. Intense purple hues and pink tones also have a strong influence on the Curio Parlor trend.

Word Bank

  • Sculptural

  • Unfiltered Romance

  • Naive

  • Boudoir

  • Cabinet of Curiosities

  • Imperfection


Cultural Influences

This trend is Science Fiction, Black Hole, and Futuristic all rolled into one. From layered knits to space graphics and hoodies, Gattaca is all about exaggerated round sleeves, oversized shapes, and liquid shine coating. Patterns include orbital swirl, spaced out, and digital blocking which draw inspiration from Nasa, the Sci-Fi movie, Gattaca (of course), and “Heal-berg,” a spaceship-like structure proposed for Antarctica which aims to tackle global warming.


Bright, neon and bold come together here. From Expanse to Launch, this color story is a space rainbow. Colors also include Hacked, Orbit, and Heat Glow.

Word Bank

  • Technology

  • Elemental

  • Sci-Fi

  • Code

  • Adaptability

  • Other Worldly

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