• Kaitlin McMillan

Meet The People Behind the Vision

In the seven months since our establishment, McMillan Creative has helped launch a number of businesses. We've defined and established brand identities for an array of companies - companies like Modern Mosa, an eco-friendly furniture company; Sexy Pickles, a (very obvious) pickling business; and lastly working together to launch an entire lifestyle magazine defining everything from the branding of it to producing all of the content. This small team has set huge milestones.

In the beginning, “we” were just “one”. That “one” being me, Kaitlin McMillan - owner, founder and creative director. As we began taking on more projects I realized that although I can do a lot of things like 70% well, if I hired experts to do them 100% well I could produce better work and drum up more business (so yea, I basically cracked the laws of physics) thus my company became our company and we grew to a size of seven.

McMillan Creative would not have had its small measure of success without these people I've collaborated with. They've helped bring my vision to life and they've executed it without a flaw. In some cases, it's not even me with the vision at all - the ideas come from my photographers, my designers, producers and writers, and all I have to do is help support the execution of it.

If there's anything I've learned over the course of the last 7 months it's to invest in your people. If I was still at the beginning doing things 70% well, we wouldn’t have successfully helped launch four businesses in seven months. For a bunch of creative people, those are pretty good numbers.

Over the course of the next couple of months we'll be highlighting the crew behind the scenes. They'll answer a short Q and A for me so you can get to know the habits and the quirks of the people that are my people.

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