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Meet the Team: Kinsey, Multidisciplinary Designer and Style Icon

This month we're highlighting Kinsey Davis, our multidisciplinary designer who always manages to look like she just stepped out of a Top Shop campaign:

Kinsey's style (in and out of Adobe) is delicate, simple, dainty and beautiful - talk about someone respecting white space - this yo girl! She helped bring our first cover of BARE Magazine to life and was responsible for laying out and designing 50% of the magazine. Her full time job is designing for Compass real estate but she's our first call whenever we have a new job to tackle. Read below on how she manages to juggle everything:

Working as an artist, what's one thing you've learned along your journey that you wish you knew 5 years ago?

Everything. Takes. Time. And experience. And patience. Every year, I'm always incredibly surprised and excited when I look back and see how much I've grown from where I was 365 days prior. I used to be frustrated that I wasn't holding a specific title, or working for my dream job - but I've realized that it's ALWAYS a learning process, and to work hard at what you're currently doing to reach the next step - it's usually right within reach. It's exciting to know that 5 years from now, I'll have even more cool projects under my belt and more knowledge to reflect on.

What time do you wake up in the morning?

5 AM! Religiously attend Burncycle every day during the week - that feeling of accomplishment and a great sweat is the best way to start the mornings. Then, by the time 5pm rolls around, you've completely forgotten you already worked out :)

Coffee or tea?

Coffee. Cold brew is the best year round - the Starbucks cold brew with salted sweet cream is HEAVEN.

What do you do to maintain a work life balance?

Set boundaries. I've learned to know my limit on work capacity I'm able to do without going crazy. Google Calendar is a lifesaver, and helps to keep my schedule organized! The most important thing I've learned is to always set aside at least one evening to have to yourself during the week, to re-coop and do self-care (aka face masks and TV).

Tell us something interesting about yourself that we don't already know?

I played DII collegiate volleyball! And hold my high school's record for the 400M in Track and Field (10 years going strong!).

LA or New York?

Tough question, but LA. There's something to be said about the sun, beaches, incredible restaurants, sparkly people. West Coast > East Coast any day.

What is the one thing that you'll lavishly spend money on?

It's currently a tie between shoes and travel.

I counted recently when I Marie-Condo'ed my closet and I've got upwards of 85 pairs. And I've learned that when traveling, it's always better to splurge on flights / fancy hotels / excursions - because you're only there once, right?!

Reality TV shows or Netflix?

I'm going to go with Hulu, to get the best of both worlds. Love me some Bachelor-drama, but I always try to watch a movie or two on lazy weekends!

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