• Kaitlin McMillan

Meet The Team: Andrea Arkans, Creative Producer and Human Being Extraordinaire

McMillan Creative is the brain child of Kaitlin McMillan, founder and Creative Director. Her mission was simple, to build a space where people can consume real content - not mainstream, not popular - but real content, featuring products and people that we stand by and stand for. It wasn't long after launching that Andrea Arkans came into the picture....

Andrea first hit me up over text message asking if we could meet up for Tea - not coffee, but tea, which made me think she was a psycho, but I agreed. We met at this very chic, very "Seattle" tea shop. I ordered the green tea matcha latte because deep down I am a very basic white girl who likes everything Instagram tells me to like.

That morning we dished about everything we want out of life. From creative visions, to our future dreams, our past struggles, and millions of side hustles - we sat there as full grown nearly-30 year olds talking about life like we hadn't graduated high school yet and couldn't wait to leave our parents house.

She said to me, "I want in. I want in because we're gonna create some dope ass shit together and this is just the beginning."

I nodded at her with intense excitement, "yes". After saying our goodbyes I sent her a text message saying "you're everything I've been looking for in my life" and I wasn't lying, she really is.

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