• Kaitlin McMillan

Meet the Team: Andrea Arkans; Stylist, Creative Producer and Everyone's Special Soul Mate.

"ANDREAAAA ARKANSSSSS".... Everytime I say her name I want to announce her like she's a celebrity coming into the room. I also always feel compelled to put an apostrophe in her last name when I'm writing it, like there's multiple of her about to show up and put a spell on you at any given moment.

That's how I felt when I met Andrea. Like she was the one person I've been searching for my whole life, the one person that vibes on the same creative level that I do. The person that doesn't need to make any money doing what we do and we would still be so fulfilled because the very act of all this creativity gets us high on another level.

After spending time working at Nordstrom as a stylist, Andrea came to work as a Creative Producer and Stylist for McMillan Creative. Her corporate level, nationally recognized retail experience gave McMillan Creative a leg up on other photography studios when it comes to fashion, photoshoots and of course, styling. Read on to get to know Andrea:

Working as an artist, what's one thing you've learned along your journey that you wish you knew 5 years ago? If it scares you or makes you nervous, FOLLOW THAT FEAR - do not shy away from that. Ultimately you're going outside your comfort zone and that is how you grow as an artist, as an individual, as a human! You end up learning so much, and creating something dope as f***.

What time do you wake up in the morning? Between 7 & 8.

Coffee or tea? Coffee, coffee, coffee. But also sometimes tea.

What do you do to maintain a work life balance? I love being around people and pretty much everything that I do involves that. But I need my me time to recharge and sometimes that means being around no one but my dog. Allowing myself to be a hermit and disconnect from my phone, gives me that balance I need.

Tell us something interesting about yourself that we don't already know? I did a polar plunge in Antarctica & fell in love with penguins. If you haven't seen Happy Feet yet, do yourself a favor.

LA or New York? Neither. ROME ITALY.

What is the one thing that you'll lavishly spend money on? Traveling and exploring the world is what fuels me! Let's go!

Reality TV shows or Netflix? Netflix.

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