Need To Know: Ten Steps to Launching a Fashion Brand in 2020

By Alejandra Cerball

Every business starts with a good idea. If you're thinking about launching a fashion brand, you need to go beyond the creative side and create a solid business plan for your company. From marketing to design, fashion brands achieve success when they start with a strong brand identity.

Want to learn how to launch a successful fashion brand in 2020? Follow these ten marketing-focused steps to take your brand to the next level.

  • Identify a need in the market

If you have an idea for a business that solves a problem or fills a gap, then you're on to something good. Watch trends in the industry to see how they will impact your business and always be on the lookout for what styles that people are gravitating towards today.

  • Know your target audience

When you're launching a fashion brand or any business, spend some time getting to know your ideal audience. Who are they? Where do they work? What do they do for fun? When you have a clear idea of who you're trying to reach, you can better design your products and fashion line.

  • Create a solid brand identity

Brand identity is the visible element of your brand. It's your logo, font, colors, design, and anything that makes your brand unique. When creating a web presence, it's essential to think beyond your logo. While logos help define your brand, they also work to build trust with your customers.

When putting together, your brand identity, create a total experience for the customer.

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  • Stay true to your brand.

We live in a time when you can learn how to do anything online. Instead of creating a fashion brand that has everything, focus on what you know, and stick to that. Hone in on your strengths and be true to your own design sensibilities. Focus on trends, but personalize them for your ideal audience.

  • Understand the numbers.

Let's talk about money. We know you want to make some, but to do that, you have to wrap your head around what launching a fashion business will cost.

Start-up costs can include:

  1. brand design including logo, photography, and website

  2. any license or permit fees

  3. rent for your workspace

  4. phone, internet, and invoicing tools

  5. marketing and advertising

  6. sewing or design tools and materials

  7. wages to cover your design and construction time

  • Know your roles

Every fashion brand needs a strong creative person and a strong business person to manage operations. Now that you already know about some of the start-up costs involved, it's important to discuss who on your team will be in charge of creating and who will run operations. By creating defined roles, you are setting your business up for success and growth.

  • Shoot high-quality images

Our personal favorite topic! While you may want to save money and take your own photos, blurry photos won't do your business any favors. Show off your line with high-quality fashion photos. Create a lookbook to give readers an idea of how to style outfits or trends.

High fashion photography can take your brand to the next level.

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  • Set realistic goals

A business plan helps you define your goals, what resources you need to meet them, and the steps it takes to achieve those goals. A business plan will tell potential investors what the current state of your company is and how you plan to expand it. This is not something you want to put off until the last minute.

  • Have a consistent marketing strategy and stick to it.

Create some hype around your brand before your launch with a consistent marketing strategy. If you feel overwhelmed with production, bring on a professional to guide you through the process. We're here to guide you!

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  • Know what price point will work best for you

Before you set your prices, you need to decide how you will sell your brand. Are you planning on opening a store, or focus on online-only sales? There are several ways to price your fashion brand. Think about the costs and revenue goals so you can aim to scale at a sustainable pace.


By identifying a need in the market, getting to know your ideal audience, and creating a brand identity that people won't forget, you are creating a solid foundation for your fashion brand.

Remember to plan a season ahead, so you're not left scrambling with no new ideas.

When it comes to branding, photography, and marketing, we know how to navigate among trends to improve your business.

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