The Best Work to Come Out of Lockdown - These Images Will Fuel Your Creativity

Quarantine has forced many businesses to find new ways to operate, employees to learn how to work from home effectively, and people have learned how to get by spending most of their time at home. For creatives with jobs postponed, it's an opportunity to find new ways to express art and design.

For a look at creatives in action, we're turning to Impression to see what beautiful creations and projects photographers are working on. Here's a look at some of our favorite pieces to come out of lockdown.

Shooting at home

Like many of us, photographer Robin Broadbent is working from home. While his latest project is top secret, this Town & Country campaign was shot before the lockdown, it focuses on two things we see a lot of these days: baking and home workouts. These images are breathtaking, and we can't get enough of these gorgeous jewels.

Fashion Photography

While fashion photography and certain portraits may be on hold while we continue social distancing, photographer Philip Sinden is creating fashion images at home. "I shot these 'Isolation Still Lives' just for me, as something to do. My son sells the shoes, so we have a large supply, and it seemed like a good idea," he says. He creatively uses objects to show things differently than we usually see.

Visual Translation

Traveling is on hold. Working as a team is on hold. Creativity is never on hold. Use this time to go back to the basics and use the elements around you to create art. During quarantine, Photographer Willy Vanderperr worked on a project called i-D Safe and Sound "The Home Alone Series," connecting girls from over the world via video call apps, including Skype, Facetime, and WhatsApp.

Learning How to Adapt

It doesn't make sense to worry about what we can't control, but we can learn how to adapt and find new ways to express creativity. While some projects might be postponed, now is the time to update your portfolio, optimize your website and network to find new opportunities.

Reach out to your clients to see how they're doing and what they might need help with in the future. Work on building those relationships and focus on taking care of yourself and fueling your creativity during this time.

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