Want To Ditch Fast Fashion? Check Out These 5 Sustainable Fashion Brands We Love

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Fast fashion is fast and inexpensive. But let's get real. If the seams start to come undone after a few wears and the fabric deteriorates over time, how much money are you saving?

Over the last few years, sustainable fashion has hit the mainstream. Brands are becoming more aware that sustainability is good for business, and they're committing to providing ethical and sustainable fashion for conscious consumers. Transparency matters and you should feel good knowing your clothes were built to last. Here's a look at some of our favorite sustainable brands in 2020.

dk active - Queensland

From design, manufacturing, warehousing to distribution, dk active makes all their garments in their solar-powered headquarters in Queensland. The Australian made activewear brand designs sustainable, ethical, and environmentally responsible workout clothes. These are clothes that will make you want to work out!

A.Lynn Designs - Brooklyn

A.Lynn understands that size is just a number, so that's why they focus on style and fit. This innovative apparel brand bridges the gap between comfort and style. The clothes are designed with different width and length options, made from eco-friendly fabrics.

Reformation - Melrose | Santa Monica

Reformation sources sustainable fabrics, selecting fibers that affect how you're going to wash the garment. When choosing raw materials, this brand takes into consideration water input, energy input, land use, eco-toxicity, greenhouse gas emissions, human toxicity, availability, and price.

Christy Dawn - Venice

Christy Dawn is committed to honoring mother earth. They believe a dress is only considered beautiful if the process used to produce it preserves the integrity and beauty of the Earth and her people. Dresses are made using upcycled fabric and sewn in Los Angeles.

Patagonia - Ventura

Patagonia's core values are centered around creating the best products for saving the planet. It's in their mission statement - "We're In Business To Save Our Home Planet. Through their Worn Wear program, Patagonia provides basic on-site clothing repairs and alterations on busted zippers, rips, tears, buttons, snaps, and pulls so that you can wear your item longer.

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