We Love Color Methodology! Take a Look at These Spring/Summer 2021 Pallets

The world has shifted, and so has the way businesses run. We're all looking ahead to the future for what's ahead. Brace yourself for bursts of color to take over in Spring/Summer 2021.

When thinking about branding for your business or your retail brand, colors play a significant role in telling your story. Take your time choosing the right hues to use throughout your social and digital marketing.

In a recent webinar, Fashion Snoops described five color stories that we can expect to see throughout Fashion and Branding. Here's a breakdown of Soft Energy, Transformers, FUN-damentals, Tinted Core, and Natural Dyes.

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Soft Energy

Soft Energy is like Easter pastels mixed with a hint of vulnerability. The soft pastels combined with neutrals are meant to create a feeling of comfort. This color story is like sunrise at the beach - therapeutic and calming. Soft Energy is intended to infuse us with the newness of everyday neutrals. This dream board includes pastel yellows, blues, lilac pinks, beige, and tan. "It's a balance of softness and strength," according to Fashion Snoops.

Word Bank:

  • Buttery

  • Vulnerable

  • Recharging

  • Daydream

  • Lucid

  • Comfy

  • Healing

  • Kind


Bold and complex hues make up the Transformers color story. It's hard to define if it's blue or purple because t

he colors are transformative and seem to blend to form a new vibe that means different things to different people. We love the futuristic feel that is both comforting and strong. Think tinted navy blue, macro and scotch brown, gray, red, and magenta.

Word Bank:

  • Unexpected

  • Illusory

  • Bold Complexity

  • Symphonic

  • Deceptive

  • Unpredictable

  • Pensive

  • Provocative


This color story is about play and having fun. The almost neon, quirky colors bring forward a playful sentiment. Think rainbow sherbert ice cream youthful colors that make a statement. The colors include purple, orange, sour green, flounce, and orange-tinted pinks.

Word Bank:

  • Playful

  • Neon-like

  • Quirk

  • Modern Essentials

  • Radical

  • Off-centered

  • Oddly Satisfying

Tinted Core

Classic cars and color-infused neutral tones makeup Tinted Core. These colors are pleasing to the eye and evoke calming energy. Soft beige, blue, green, pink, and brown is part of this vision board, which would work well in various fashion categories from loungewear to gowns.

Word Bank:

  • Non-binary

  • Foundational

  • Subtle Vibrancy

  • Inclusive

  • Nostalgic

  • Overcast

  • Neutral Evolution

  • Pleasing

Natural Dyes

Deep Blues, kelp, and mother nature are what the Natural Dyes Color story is all about. These hues are spicy, aromatic, and organic that provide a saturated depth. These tonal colors include deep burgundy, yellow, kelp green, ocean blue, and brown that feel natural and calming.

Word Bank:

  • Raw Saturation

  • Earthen

  • Method

  • Natural Vibrance

  • Soaked

  • Infuse

  • Pigmented

  • Technique


Brands are linked to color, spend time choosing hues that represent how you want to be perceived. Want to discuss brand identity, logos, and colors for your brand story?

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