• Kaitlin McMillan

What Does a Full-Service Creative Agency Offer?

Hi Everyone, Kaitlin here, owner and founder of McMillan Creative. While we’re all at home digesting a very large amount of digital media I wanted to take this opportunity to explain what McMillan Creative is and what services we offer?

McMillan Creative is a woman run, full-service creative agency. We focus on building your brand from start to finish. From the moment your customer knows your name they begin their buying journey. They see your logo, they scroll through your social media, they visit your website, and they reach out for an inquiry and ultimately decide, based off of their experience if they want to invest or purchase your service or product. Does your company have a consistent visual message across all of these customer touchpoints? Are your core values reflected? Does your mission statement jump out? It’s a lot to keep up with. That’s where our team comes in.

We have a team of designers, photographers, content strategist, and SEO experts that all come together to build you a stand out brand. We build you a logo, a website, supply you with brand photography, and define your brand voice. All of these elements combined give you an untouchable brand identity because your brand is more than it’s logo. One more time, your brand is more than it’s logo. So tune in next week and I’ll break down some of our services we offer starting with brand photography packages.

If you're ready to jump in reach out now!

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